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Forty Thousand Dollars! That’s how much it cost to repair the damage from a wintertime pipe burst. That is also when the homeowner decided to begin using our home watch services. A few years later the supply line to the hot water heater burst, our inspector caught it early…no damage. Soon afterward we discovered a mouse and flying squirrel presence, again caught before damage occurred. Unlocked doors and windows, leaking roofs, storm damage, clogged gutter downspouts leading to erosion outside and excessive humidity and mold inside, these are examples of things we find during our inspections.

We recommend having your home methodically inspected at regular intervals, especially during the colder months. Having a cleaner, friend or security stop in periodically may initially seem like a good idea. However, they often fail to inspect more difficult areas like crawl spaces, and lack the training and experience required to detect problems early when remedies are inexpensive. We not only inspect but we also document, advise and if necessary, collaborate with service providers for effective solutions. Check out our list of frequently asked questions for more information or contact us to get a free quote!

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Home Watch - House Guest

House Guests Anyone?

Autumn and Winter are the favorite times for rodents to move-in. Not only do they cause damage but they can also bring diseases.

Home Watch - Frozen Pipe

“If we only knew sooner!”

State Farm Insurance estimates the average cost from water damage due to frozen pipes to be $15,000.

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Some of the benefits available to our clients:

  • Thorough inspection of every room including closets, basement/crawl spaces and outside perimeter of home
  • Regular reporting with pictures as needed
  • Turning on/off water and circuit breakers as requested
  • Winterization/Dewinterization
  • Security check of all windows and doors
  • Monitoring the Heating/AC systems, indoor temperature and humidity
  • House opening for guests
  • Moving outdoor furniture/cushions in or out
  • Coordinating with service providers
  • Overseeing repairs
  • Check/replace burned out light bulbs
  • Plant watering
  • Plug/unplug appliances
  • Close/open blinds shades
  • Automobile startup
  • Leaf blow-off of walks/driveway
  • Emergency storm checks

Because you care about your investment…and so do we

We are serious about Home Watch

“We have used High Shine Services for nearly five years at our home in Linville Ridge, North Carolina. They have been by far the most outstanding company I have ever worked with. Regardless of what was asked of them without regard for the time of year, time of day or night, High Shine has always accomplished our request. 

Several times with virtually no notice, guests have headed to the house and every time High Shine was able to make sure the home was ready. They are also very pro-active in making sure potential issues are taken care of or brought to our attention.

Being in the affluent community of Naples, Florida and understanding what outstanding service really is, I am pleased to recommend High Shine Services for all of your home watch needs.”

- John Garbo, Germain Properties of Naples

Rates starting at $15 per inspection – Ask about our group discount

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the inspector look for?

A. We look through each area of the home looking for evidence that there has been a compromise in the health of the home. We check under sinks for leaking drains, we look at ceilings for water damage, we check hot water heaters for leaks, doors that they are securely locked, monitor and record temperatures, check beds and furniture for infestation problems, basement and crawl spaces for leaks or pests.

Q. Have you ever found problems?

A. Definitely. We have found numerous problems including burst water heater pipes, mouse infestation, mold problems, unlocked entry doors. Our goal is to be the first on the scene and to competently provide adequate information to the owner/manager for the best outcome.

Q. How often do you recommend inspecting?

A. Ideally every one to two weeks. We try to inspect at different times of the week to prevent anyone considering a forced entry from finding a pattern.

Q. What happens if you find an issue?

A. First we document the problem. Next we notify the specified contact person, and recommend a protocol resolving the issue. Finally we begin process of resolution. We work with locally licensed professionals to get the job done quickly and correctly.

Q. Do you do emergency calls?

A. Yes, in the event of extreme weather or any reason deemed necessary by owner/property manager we do extra inspections upon request.