Window Cleaning Services

Window cleaning is much more than some spray and paper towels. Today professionals use techniques, tools and specialized solutions to bring the glass up to its peak potential. The result is a longer lasting window so clean that it disappears before the bright view which brings the beauty of outdoors vividly alive inside your home.

Our professionals are trained with ladder safety and techniques to make the results predictably excellent. We are fully insured with workman’s comp and general liability and also carry a 100% guarantee to ensure our clients confidence.

Professional Window Cleaning

Our professionals are trained with ladder safety and techniques to make the results predictably excellent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to have my windows cleaned?

A. Because of the wide variety of houses, commercial buildings, we have a difficult time pricing without more information. There are three basic questions that will determine the price: 1. Type of window (Crank out, small panes, storms, removable grids, etc) 2. Access (Height, landscape barriers, skylights etc) 3. Job Size (Approximate building size and approximate number of windows). Click here to receive an estimate!

Q. What time of year is the best to have my windows cleaned?

A. Whatever time-frame you plan to spend the most time looking out them. For most people that is the Spring. Yet, if it doesn’t matter to the customer, we typically advise waiting until after June 15 when the pollen is finished floating through he air, since they will typically stay cleaner longer. Many people have it done in the Spring and Fall. In the spring they have both sides serviced, and in the fall just the outside. There are some clients who live near a road, or in woods with high wind that need there outsides cleaned quarterly.

Q. What do you use in your water for cleaning windows?

A. We can’t give out our secret formulas! Actually we use commercial grade cleaners and lubricants with a little dish soap most of the year. For our customers who want to maintain their windows on a regular basis we recommend a good quality dish soap diluted with some water in a sprayer. Some of the store-bought window cleaning sprays are acceptable if the windows just need a little touch-up otherwise they can cause frustrating smears.

For those who want to have their windows stay cleaner longer, we have special chemicals that seal the glass to make it less receptive to dirt and debris.

Q. How should we prepare for having our windows cleaned?

A. High Shine is self-contained and requires little preparation on the part of the customer.  We move furniture and other obstructions away from the windows. We can work over computer desks and electric equipment if necessary. Most jobs do require access to the inside of the home and running water. Although with some advance notice we can work around this issue. You should relax and enjoy a brighter world.

Q. My glass has scratches, how did it happen?

A. Sadly window cleaners see a lot of scratched glass. The cause can be from several possibilities. The most common is a contractor or homeowner using a non professional to clean the windows who improperly use razors to remove paint, stickers, concrete and other debris. Another common occurrence is tempering debris.

Glass can also be scratched by everyday life. Sliding doors commonly get scratched by general use and even pets. High Shine does offer scratch removal, but if the scratches are widespread and deep it may not be cost effective to remove. Contact us to schedule a technician to come and look at your options.

Q. A couple of my windows are fogged between the glass. Why?

A. Thermopane glass is made up of two panes of glass with gas and coatings in between to aid in insulation and UV blocking. If the window is fogged then your seal between the two panes has been broken. This can be caused by a few factors including age, tinting film and structural stress. In such cases we advise contacting the manufacturer of the window and see if the warranty is still in effect. Quality windows come with a decent seal warranty. If not we usually have to recommend a glass company to come out and replace the glass. Contact us and we’ll help find a company near you.

Q. Should I use tinting film on my windows?

A. We generally don’t recommend window tinting. Window manufacturers will void their warranties if tinting is applied. This is because tinting cause more heat to building up in the thermopane causing heat stress. Some tinting companies offer their own warranty for the window because of this. Another problem we find is that as the tinting ages it becomes more easily scratched, and can get small bubbles underneath. This obviously adversely affects the viewing quality and is a cause of frustration to many of our clients. There is definite advantages when solar heat gain is high and the HVAC system has to work excessively to compensate. In such cases we recommend blinds instead of tinting.